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Romain Duchadeuil | General Secretary | Corporate Secretary | gender equality | diversity | Indosuez | video | portrayal

Interview with Romain Duchadeuil, General Secretary, Indosuez group

Tineke Slabbaert | Gender diversity | Indosuez | Belgium

Interview with Tineke Slabbaert, Wealth Structuring, Belgium

Lynn Wu | gender diversity | Indosuez | Azqore | Singapore

Interview with Lynn Wu, Human Resources, Singapore

Sophie Couve de Murville | Gender diversity | Indosuez | CFM

Interview of Sophie Couve de Murville, Investment Solutions, CFM Indosuez

Philippine Gontier | gender diversity | Indosuez | Switzerland

Interview of Philippine Gontier, Business Management & Development, Switzerland

Rebecca Marti | gender diversity | Azqore | Indosuez

Interview with Rebecca Marti, Chief of Staff, Azqore

Majdouline Lo Iacono | gender diversity | Indosuez

Interview with Majdouline Lo Iacono, Advisory, France

Anne-Charlotte Miot | gender diversity | Indosuez

Interview with Anne-Charlotte Miot, Risk Mgt. & Fund Administration, Luxembourg

Corinne Deslandes | gender diversity | Indosuez

Interview of Corinne Deslandes, Operations and Customer Services, Monaco

Muriel Aboud Schirmann | gender diversity | Indosuez

Interview of Muriel Aboud Schirmann, FX & Precious Metals Advisory, Switzerland

Tatiana Hartje | gender diversity | Indosuez | Azqore

Interview of Tatiana Hartje, Engagement Manager at Azqore

Marie-Eve Poulain | gender diversity | Indosuez

Meeting with Marie-Eve Poulain, Portfolio Manager in France