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Policy for protecting your personal data

This policy is aimed at describing the conditions under which CA Indosuez, limited-liability company under French law (société anonyme) with share capital of 584,325,015 euros, holding company of the Indosuez group and a fully-fledged banking establishment authorised to provide investment services and insurance brokerage, whose registered office is located at 17, rue du Docteur Lancereaux, 75008 Paris, France, registered on the Paris Trade and Companies Register under the number 572 171 635 (individual VAT identification number: FR 075 72 17 16 35), represented by Mr. Jacques PROST, acting as Chief Executive Ofcier (hereafter known as the "Bank") may collect and process, in the course of its activities, the personal data of any data subject, particularly its clients and users of this Site.

It is specified for all purposes that the subsidiaries of CA Indosuez undertake to comply with this policy with respect to the personal data which they collect as processing managers of personal data.

Learn more about important personal data protection concepts: click here.

In the course of its activities, the Bank may process, whether automatically or not, personal data of natural persons: existing and potential clients, users of this Site (when they fill out online forms provided to them on this Site) and any other natural person (such as an agent or executive), these people all being individually known below as the "Data Subject".

Personal data regarding Data Subjects which the Bank collects or processes, acting as processing manager, is necessary for it to meet its legal or regulatory obligations, to enable the execution of pre-contractual measures or contracts to which the Data Subject is a party and/or to pursue the Bank's legitimate interests, while respecting the rights of the Data Subject. When such data is collected for other purposes, the Bank must first obtain the consent of the Data Subject.

With regard to Data Subjects who are clients, the Bank uses their personal data to offer them personalised offers and advice, higher-quality service, and everything they need to help make the best decisions.

In the absence of certain information regarding a client that is needed to perform a service, the Bank will not be able to provide him or her the benefit of the service for which that data had been required.


Purposes of personal data processing

The personal data of Data Subjects may be processed, primarily for the purposes mentioned above.

The Data Subject can, by clicking on each of the items below, access detailed information on how his or her personal data is used, both with respect to the purposes of the processing and the legal bases that enable the Bank to process his or her data, and how that data may be transferred to non-member states of the European Union.

Purposes of personal data processing


Storing personal data

This personal data is processed and stored for as long as needed for the intended purpose, and no longer than for a period corresponding to the duration of the contractual or business relationship, plus whatever time is needed for the liquidation and consolidation of rights and for the statutes of limitations and avenues of appeal to lapse.

To meet its legal obligations or respond to requests from regulators and administrative authorities, as well as for the purposes of historical, statistical, or scientific research, the Bank may archive the data under the conditions set out by applicable regulations.


Rights of the Data Subject

The Data Subject, at all times, has the following rights, under the conditions set out by applicable regulations:
•    the right to access his or her personal data;
•    the right to have his or her data rectified if inaccurate or incomplete;
•    the right to object, on legitimate grounds, to the processing of his or her data;
•    the right to request the erasure of his or her data when it is no longer needed for the purposes for which it was collected or processed, or when the Data Subject withdraws consent (when the processing of the data in question requires such consent);
•    the right to request restrictions on the processing of his or her data;
•    the right to request the portability of the data entrusted to our establishment on the basis of the consent of the Data Subject or for the purposes of performing a contract: for the Data Subject, this right consists of receiving his or her data in digital format; and
•    the right to give instructions as to the processing of his or her personal data in case of death.

The Data Subject may also, at any time and without justification, oppose the use of his or her data for the purposes of commercial prospecting, including profiling when it is linked to that purpose, by the Bank or by third parties, or when the processing is legally based on consent, withdraw his or her consent, by writing a letter to the Data Protection Officer whose contact information appears below in section entitled “Data Protection Officer” . Postage fees shall be reimbursed upon request by the Data Subject.
The Data Subject may exercise his or her rights by contacting the Data Protection Officer, whose contact information appears below in the section entitled "Data Protection Officer".

In support of his or her request, the Data Subject may use the rights exercise form : click here.

The Data Subject is informed that exercising some of the aforementioned rights may prevent the Bank from providing him or her with certain products or services in some cases.  


Data Protection Officer (DPO)

The Bank has designated a Data Protection Officer, whom the Data Subject may contact at the following address:
CA Indosuez

Data Protection Officer
Compliance Division
17, rue du Docteur Lancereaux
75382 Paris cedex 08
or by e-mail at


Complaints to Authorities

The data Subject may, in the event of a dispute, file a complaint with the CNIL, whose contact information appears on the website accessible from the following link  


Transferring personal data

Personal data collected by the Bank in accordance with the agreed purposes may, during various operations, be transferred to a country that is or is not a member state of the European Union. Whenever it is transferred to a country that is not a member state of the European Union that has not received an adequacy decision from the European Commission, guarantees are put in place to ensure the protection and security of that data.

The Data Subject is hereby informed that his or her personal data might be processed in Switzerland, a country that provides adequate protection per European Commission decision no. 2000/518/EC of 26 July 2000, on the computer servers of AZQORE, a subsidiary of CA Indosuez. It is specified for whatever purpose it may serve that the transfer of that data to Switzerland has no effect on the custody of clients' assets or the conducting of transactions concerning them, which are carried out in France by the Bank's own teams.

Furthermore, the Data Subject is hereby informed that his or her personal data may be sent to the recipients mentioned below in the section entitled "Professional Secrecy".



By contacting the DPO, the Data Subject may access detailed information on his or her rights and how his or her personal data is being used, in particular with respect to the purposes of processing, the legal bases that enable the Bank to process data, its storage periods, its recipients, and, if applicable, its transfer to countries outside the European Union as well as the guarantees implemented.


Recording of telephone conversations

Telephone conversations between the Data Subject and CA Indosuez may be recorded.
The recordings are made in order to comply with legal and regulatory obligations relating to financial markets.
Only authorised persons within CA Indosuez may carry out the tapping.
Recorded telephone conversations will be kept for the legal retention periode a maximum of 7 years.
The Data Subject may request the exercise of his/her rights at any time (article "Rights of the data subject")


Professional Secrecy

The transactions and personal data of Data Subjects are covered by professional secrecy, to which the Bank is bound in accordance with its legal and regulatory obligations.

However, in order to meet those obligations, the Bank may be required to disclose information regarding those Data Subjects who are clients to legally authorised judicial or administrative authorities.  Thus, for example, some information may be sent to the tax authorities (declaring the opening of accounts, declaring investment income) or to the Bank of France (banking sanctions file, loan repayment incidents file).

In addition, the Bank may be required to disclose information regarding Data Subjects who are clients to the central body of the Crédit Agricole Group, as defined by the French Monetary and Financial Code, so that said body can meet its legal and regulatory obligations for the benefit of the entire Group, in particular in connection with any prudential reportings to the relevant authorities or regulators.
Furthermore, each Data Subject who is a client expressly authorises the Bank to share data about him or her and update that data with the following third parties:

  • companies of the Crédit Agricole Group responsible for the management and prevention of operational risk (risk assessment, security and prevention of delinquencies and fraud, combating money laundering and terrorism financing, embargo regulations, freezing of assets and international sanctions, etc.) on behalf of all entities of the Group;
  • any entity of the Crédit Agricole Group in the event of pooled resources or business consortiums in order to enable such entities to carry out the purpose of their joining together;
  • subcontractors of the Bank, and in particular those which participate in account management and in offering financial, banking, and/or insurance products, and solely for the purpose of the subcontracting work

Finally, the Data Subject expressly authorises the Bank to send him or her, by e-mail, any information about him or her, which may be covered by professional secrecy.
The list of personal data recipients may be sent to the Data Subject upon simple request by him or her to the Bank, addressed to the Data Protection Officer, contact information appears above in the section entitled "Data Protection Officer".



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Law and Jurisdiction

The above policy is governed by French laws and regulations. Any dispute arising out of the above policy shall be referred to the courts within the jurisdiction of the Paris Court of Appeal.