A Transformers community at the service of innovation

June 23, 2020


The 3rd of June 2020 ends the first phase of the creation of a Transformers Community within Indosuez Wealth Management group. It includes more than a hundred employees from all over the world (Asia, Europe, Middle East, United States) who have gathered around interactive webinars to work on a common project: innovation for a better client experience. If the health crisis has impacted all sectors of the economy including banking, it has also prompted us to substantially rethink the way we work together, with both clients and employees. Digitalisation and innovation within the Group must be developed and this is the collective awareness that led to the success of the “Transformers” project.

Sabrina Sedoud, Chief Innovation Officer at Indosuez group, sums up the ambition around this community of Transformers: "One of the key factors of a successful transformation is that each of us must feel like being part of the transformation project. For this purpose, anyone who wishes to act for change, to carry an idea, to contribute to the building, must be able to do so in one way or another and feel supported".

Our innovation approach must therefore go beyond the closed spheres of R&D and reach all the Group's subsidiaries to see a real culture of innovation blossom. Both ambassadors and drivers for cultural transformation, the Transformers’ mission is also to support“intrapreneur” staff members by helping them get acquainted with innovation tools.

More than a hundred individuals have decided to take part in the project and become agents of change. “Our Transformers community is dedicated to growing and enriching itself with diverse experiences, successes as well as failures, to enable Indosuez to develop new products and services that best meet the expectations of its clients worldwide," concludes Sabrina Sedoud.

June 23, 2020

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