Awards : reasons for Indosuez’s success

Back to a success story! Find out in Acclaim Magazine how Indosuez stood out during the last Wealth Briefing Swiss Awards with Marc-André Poirier, CEO of Indosuez Wealth Management in Switzerland.

May 03, 2023

Marc-André Poirier | Switzerland | Indosuez Wealth Management | CEO | Award | Wealth Briefing | 2023

A few weeks ago Indosuez in Switzerland was awarded by Wealth Briefing Swiss Awards as best private bank for corporate social responsibility.
What were the achievements that made Indosuez stand out in this category?
Marc-André Poirier details the specifics of our societal project in Acclaim magazine.

Whom do you look to in terms of ideas and inspiration?

CSR has been at the heart of Crédit Agricole’s mission for over 20 years. Since 2019, CSR has been integrated into the Group’s entire strategy of “Working every day in the interest of our clients and society”, embodied in its Ambitions 2025 project.

Within Indosuez, we have very clear objectives which aim to support our clients in their environmental and social commitments beyond a purely financial approach and aid in the green transition. To achieve this, we have integrated ESG criteria into all our processes and createda full range of responsible investment solutions for our clients.

What are the main contributions do you think you bring to the wealth management industry?

Our Societal Project is at the forefront of enacting positive change within the wealth management industry and is an essential component of our corporate strategy. To achieve its ambitions, we have set up a dedicated global business line and built a comprehensive and innovative sustainable development offering. The aimis to strengthen the product dimension of our Societal Project and to support volunteer- or foundation-led solidarity initiatives.

Since 2012, the Indosuez Foundation has financed 30 environmental projects with a high economic and social impact for vulnerable communities in Switzerland and around the world. Through its corporate volunteering programme, Citizen Days, the bank also allows employees to volunteer for one day each year at selected charities instead of working at Indosuez. In 2022, nearly 300 employees took part in this programme.

These initiatives are catalysts for personal and professional development, and are a way to reinforce the bank’s culture of philanthropy and social impact. In addition, they provide Indosuez with additional expertise, allowing colleagues to further promote responsible and impact-based finance and philanthropy to clients. Indosuez also acts to preserve and promote culture in Switzerland, partnering with the prestigious Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève and the Association Art-en-Vieille-Ville, a collaboration between fifteen renowned art galleries and cultural institutions in Geneva.

Some of Indosuez’s charitable initiatives are long term, while others are organised in response to emergencies. For example, in March 2022 the bank engaged in a project to collect much needed basic provisions for those fleeing the war in Ukraine and assisted a number of other charitable associations committed to helping refugees.

You told us about your Societal Projects but can you tell us which kind of diversity programmes your firm supports within the Human Project?

Diversity is at the heart of our Human Project and is enshrined in our Equal Opportunities Charter. We have initiatives to raise awareness of the importance of gender diversity in management bodies, and a leadership mentoring programme, which is set to be renewed in 2023. Our

female employees benefit from a comprehensive training plan, and in 2021 we set up a development programme for early-career women. At the end of December 2021, 30 per cent of Indosuez’s senior management were women, evidencing the relevance and effectiveness of its proactive gender strategy.

What position would you like your firm to hold in its sector in five years’ time?

Our goal is to become the preferred socially responsible employer in the wealth management industry. To that end, we are making every effort to provide our employees with a working environment where high standards and performance go hand in hand with trust, development and respect.

Marc-André Poirier
Chief Executive Officer
Indosuez Wealth Management in Switzerland

May 03, 2023

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